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Happy Independence day Speech: If you are also searching for the independence day speech in English of India then you are at very right post. Because here I am going to share the best independence day 2017 speech and also some short independence day speech in pdf.

Independence day speech

All those independence day speeches will be usable in the school and colleges. So you can note down these awesome independence day speeches and you can prepare for the function in your school, college and any other place on the occasion of Indian Independence day 2017. speeches are in different languages so you may try independence day speech in Hindi

Grab here self-written independence day speeches of 2017 so here we are going to serving you independence day speeches 2017 collections

Independence Day Speech in English 

Here in this post of 15 August Speech, all these independence day speeches are in English so that you will get, independence day speech for students in English,independence day speech for teachers in English,independence day speech for kids in English, short independence day speech for students in English and awesome independence day speech in English. 

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History of Independence Day: Independence day Speech idea

Here I am going to share a little history about Indian independence day so that some love for our nation will be generated in your inner soul, then you will give your best in independence day speech. You may try Independence Day Wallpapers

Independence day 2017 is a national holiday in India. It falls every year on 15th August because India got freedom on 15th August 2017. This was the result of many Indian freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh, Mahatma Gandhi Subhash Chandra Bose and many. Lots of freedom fighter gave their life to make India a freedom country so first of all a grand salute to them, because of them we are freedom.

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Why We Need Independence Day speech

What is the reason behind independence day speech and why we prepare for the independence day 2017 speech, why students teachers and all prepare for happy independence day speech for students? Then here I am going to giving you answer that why we need independence day speech.

Because we all love our country so much. And we really proud to be our freedom fighter and their sacrifices for us. So we remember them on independence day and we express our feelings in independence day speech. Hope you will agree with this answer.

You can also try more independence day images

After a lot of work on Independence day on fathers-day.net. Here we are now going to share some stuff about independence day. On Independence day in schools, colleges, and in government office a flag ceremony is done in the morning and students and officers participate in independence day event. They prepare for the speech for the independence day

How to download independence day speech in pdf format

You can also download independence day speech in pdf format.
If you are from computer and laptop, then apply shortcut key 
2.From Printer option menu Change Destination :: Choose Save as PDF
3.Click on "Save". Now your happy independence speech is saved and download in pdf format.

How to Prepare the Independence Day Speech

You can easily prepare for the speech of independence day, and your speech will be best on the occasion of independence day. Just here I am giving you some tips for preparing for a speech on independence day 2017.

Tips for Independence day 2017 Speech

** Do not cramp the speech, do not to remember line by line.

** Only you need to remember our soldier and freedom fighter and make some positive attitude about our country India. 
** During your independence day speech, think that you are not giving a speech in school and college, think that you are giving a speech to the people, a soldier for making our India a great country.

Independence Day Speech For Students

Here I am going to provide you independence day speech for the students. Students speech on independence day in English is very effective and they express their feeling in a speech on the independence day 2017. 

Students are the heart of the schools and colleges if they made and they prepare well for happy independence day speech in school then they can make a proud moment in the school on the occasion of Indian independence day 2017. 

On 70th independence day, students can use this English independence day speech of 2017 in an awesome way. This independence day speech is full of country love. So try this 2017 independence day speech for students in their school and college, so I hope Students will like this very awesome and new and also unique independence day speech.
***New and UPDATED independence day speech**

Happy Independence day Speech

" Dear Respected teachers, our classmate, brothers and sister today is independence day 2017, A national holiday of India. And we celebrate it.

We all know that India was not independent, the British ruled over us for 200. There are many freedom fighters come in front and started a war against British. First war started in 1857. Slowly that movement taking a huge image in all over the India. The famous freedom fighter name come in existence. Rani Laxmi Bai, Tatya Tope, Mangal Pandey, Veer Kunwar Singh and many all.

"If you will ask for friendship then we will be best,,, If you think about Kashmir, then you will be hell"

They all started the movement against British. But unfortunate we have not unity in our country and our freedom fighters, some of the people from our country are playing this battle from the British side, due to this reason our freedom fighters got failed and our country did not freedom that time. Our many freedom fighters are got caught and many are hanged by British and many got died in war and movement.

After the 1857 movement, in 1942 a movement named "Bharat Choro" was started by our national father Mahatma Gandhi. After a long Journey, India became freedom in 1947. This freedom has a great value for our nation, for our countrymen and women. Now in 1947 we have an own country, not "sone ki chiriya" but it was totally own a free country where anyone can live according to their selves. 

Our country India is a great sign of unity, here all the religion live together, either they are Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, issue or any other caste, they all are the brother. So there is a great unity in diversity in our country India.

Patriot for my country will never down, it will increase day by day. And I can not stop loving our country. My country is best and it is my motherland.

So brothers and sisters after a huge struggle our country get freedom, many people gave their life, gave their present for our future. So We do not have to forget their work, and we have to care about our country, we have to do something better for our country.

And in last, I want to say Please save the country of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, and all freedom fighter.

That's All.
Jai Hind

Independence Day Speech For teachers

After flag ceremony, and national anthem a speech is delivered from the Headmaster or Principal then some more speeches by teachers. 

So If you are searching independence day 2017 speech for the teachers in English then here, you will get 2017 independence day speech for the teachers.

SO here we are going to serving special happy independence day speech for teachers, hope teachers will like this effective and short independence day speech.

"Respected Principal sir,
loving students and Jai Hind to all my country person.
Today is independence day and we are gathered here to remember our freedom fighters and who contribute to making India our country free from British force. 

We are too lucky that we are freedom, our ancient people were not freedom, they are ruled by English, but they took a vow to make our country free and they did.

They leave a beautiful country for us, they did not care about their life for our future. So that we have to salute all those great people. And today we all, also have to take a vow to make our country corruption free. Took a vow that you will make the future of India, so bright."

Due to the low amount of time, I am going to end my speech, but in last I will say, My child, take care of my country.

Jai Hind."

Independence Day Speech For the Kids, Children

Kids are very naughty and energy full on independence day, they have to also perform in their school program on independence day, so here is some independence day speech for the kids, we have provided here independence day speech for children. So kids and children both can prepare for independence day speech.

Respected sir, madams, and my brothers,

Today I am feeling proud on the occasion of "Happy independence day", we are celebrating independence day on 15th August, because our India got freedom on 15th August 1947, after a long journey of freedom movements.
We do not have to forget our freedom fighter. I promise I will make them proud in heaven.

Jai Hind!! 

Independence day speech 2017

If you have less amount of time, and you have to prepare for the independence day speech, then here is an ultimate solution that short speech on independence day. So here we are going to provide you happy independence day short speech, you can make an effective independence day speech in very few time. So try these 2017 short speech on independence day.

"Respected Teachers, brothers and sisters, Today is 71st Independence day. It is a proud moment for me, that today I am here on the stage on the occasion of great independence day. So here I am going to start my independence day. There are many have to give their speech on independence day, so I have less time. I will try to deliver best in this limit time.

Our country got freedom on 1947, from 1947 to 2017 we have travelled a long journey. Now we are in developing country. So that we all have to proud to be Indian. And on this Independence day, we should take a vow to make our country a developed country.

Our freedom does not come in free, there are many freedom fighters have to die, many have to give their life, there are a lot of people have given their lives to our country. We should not forget about them also. For our independence many wives had to lose their husband, many mothers lost their piece of hearts, many fathers lost their son and many sisters had lost their brother.

So we should remember everything, and always we have to be so keen and so honest to our country.

Thank you.

Jai Hind!!! Jai Bharat!!

Independence Day Speech Video on Youtube

Here we are going to show independence day speech of last year video, which was uploaded on the youtube, you can directly watch this independence day speech video from here. So here I am going to share a video on independence day speech of kids, students
Independence day Speech by kids

Here in this video of independence day speech, this kid is going awesome and giving the best speech of the school. So you must watch this happy independence day speech for the experience

Independence Day Speech video by Teachers

Here in this video, sir is giving independence day speech, this independence day speech is too much awesome and heart touching. So will recommend you to must watch this happy independence day speech

Some words from the other of this independence day speech, from last year I am continuously providing you best Independence day speech. Hope always I will provide you best speeches on happy Independence day. So keep supporting us. If you will support us. Then It will be best for us.

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